Metal Building Styles

Residential (R) - A building that has a vertical roof with horizontal sides and ends

Vertical (V) - A building that has a vertical roof with vertical sides and ends

Classical (C) or Regular - A building that has a horizontal roof with horizontal sides and ends and rounded corners.

Boxed Eave (B) - A Frame roof with horizontal ribs and siding. It has an overhang of 6" on both the sides and the ends.

Free Span - Buildings 32' and wider require a webbed truss system (see photo that appears if you select width 50' or over.

Gable Ends - A horizontal panel with the same cure as the truss on either end of the structure that extends from the top of the legs

Gauge - 12 gauge is 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" square tube and comes with a 20 year rust warranty and is stronger than 14. 14 gauge is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square tube. No warranty is offered , but it is still very strong and will work in most areas.


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Building Style: 
Gauge:  Close Left Side:  
Width (ft):  *Note 2 Close Right Side:  
Length (ft):  Close Back End:  
Wall Height (ft):  Close Front End:  
Gable Back:   Gable Front:  

---------------- Accessories ----------------
Walk-In Door: 
  Walk-In Door: 
Garage Door: 
(8'w x 6't)
  Garage Door:  
(8'w x 7't)
  Garage Door: 
(9'w x 7't)
Garage Door: 
(10'w x 8't)
  Garage Door:  
(10'w x 10't)
  Commercial Garage Door*: 
(12'w x 10't)
Commercial Garage Door*: 
(12'w x 12't)
  Commercial Garage Door*: 
(12'w x 14't)
  Commercial Garage Door*: 
(14'w x 14't)
Reduce Drive: 
Recommended on Commercial Doors
  Concrete Anchor:    Ground/
Asphalt Anchor: 
Extra Sheet
  Extra Sheet
  Extra Sheet
Extra Truss
  Extra Truss
  Extra Truss
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Ground Type:

Building Base Price: $
Wall Height Price: $
Close Left/Right Side: $
Close Front/Back: $
Gables (Front/Back): $
Walk-In Door(s): $
Window(s): $
Garage Door(s): $
Commercial Garage Door(s): $
Reduce Drive for Commercial G. Doors: $
Concrete Anchors: $
Ground/Asphalt Anchors: $
Extra Sheet Metal: $
Extra Trusses: $
Deposit required to purchase Online: $
Free delivery and installation, plus tax if applicable

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Note 1: Prices may vary from state to state and may change at any time. Prices shown are estimates only.

Note 2: Building widths more than or equal to 32 feet are free span vertical buildings with a web trussed system. See header photo when you select 50' or greater width. These wide buildings may have additional charges for delivery and installation.

Alert - The Estimator will automatically adjust widths, lengths and heights as you create your building if you try and select a combination that is not available. Call us at 1-888-536-1585 if you have questions.